Ansonia Theatre

 These  who help continue the dream are honored on 

a permanent plaque in the lobby.

There is still room to add your name or to honor or remember a loved one  forever.

Altieri, Dr. & Mrs. Don

Anson Bank & Trust for Jim Strayhorn

ACAC for Phoebe Lee; Melody Dupree;

               and also Jeanne Price

Anson Optometric, Dr. Holly Kiker

Baker, Mary Ann & Alan

Baucom, Lonnie & Anna

B B & T

Blalock, Mrs. Laura

Boothby, George & Roe

Brasington, Benjy & Patsy for Robert Brasington

Bungie Foundation for Steve Cotton family

Capell, Crandell, Caulder, Edwards, &         Witherspoon  for Nancy Willingham

Capell, Joe & Mararuth

Capell, John & Donna

Capell, Kerry & Leslie

Capell, L. & Thomas, A. for Juanita Williams

Clark, Bill & Jane for Judy L. Covington

Coble, Ralph for Evelyn McCall Williams

Cotton, Steve for Michael Cassidy

Cox, Mrs. Mararuth Alllen

Craft, Brookie Drake

Craft, Brookie D. for Maggie & Lem Drake;

      Brooks Drake Craft Harrall;   Cleo        Pinkston Allen; and Ellen Pinkston

Crandell, Catherine for D.Arial; T.Wooten

Crider, John for Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Crider

Davis, Dr. D. W. & Lucy

Davis, Lula Ann for Robert L. Davis, MD

Dunlap, Phyllis

Ellerby, Melton for Ruth Ellerby

Emory, Ed

First Baptist Chancel Choir for Katie Ward

Gathings, Clara

Gray, Vicky for Mac Gray

Getzen, Patrick & Colleen for C. Crandell
Getzen, Rufus & Beverley for James  Bushong;
 for Kate & Casey Getzen

Gulledge, Jill & Joe

Hardison, Josie & Lawson

Harkey, Clifton for Ned & Polly Harkey

Hickman, Ruth for Bill Hubbard, WHS 1942

Hightower, Foyle & Pauline

Hildreth, John

Hodges, Nancy for Harry G. Hodges, Jr.

Hunley, Craig & Sally for Frances A. Hunley

Huntley, Ruby for Col. Henry Huntley

Jennings, Ed for WHS Class of 1956

Johnson, Jerry & Rachel

Jones, Norm & Kathryn for Alice W. Beale

Lee, James David & Lynn

Liles, Joyce Ratliffe for M/M Carl Ratliffe;

           M/M Maness Liles; and Jimmy Liles

Little, Cynthia,Carly,& Holly for Dodie 

Little, Mrs. Lucy

Little, Mary Bennett

Little, Mary Bennett for Robert E. Little, III

Lookabill, Gay & Lee Roy

Maner, Georgia & Andy

McCormick, Mike for C & M Auto Supply

McLeod, Alex and Sandy

Miller, Cora for Evelyn McCall Williams

Neal, John & Catherine

Pardoe, Charles Edward and Carolyn

Patton,Dr.Altheria for Morris Patton,SR&JR

Pigg, Anne & Chip for their parents

Pleasant, Juliette Ross & George Ross for

               George Hammond Ross, JR

Poisson Sr., Fred

Ridenhour, Jerry for Barbara Ridenhour

Short, D. & Thomas, W. for Wayne Lineberry

Snuggs,Gilbert for George & Nancy Snuggs

Sparger, Fred & Kandie for Leslie Capell

The Steak Club for Jeanne Price

Stogner Architecture PA

Thacker, Bill & Norma

Thacker, Bill & Norma for Thomas Thacker;

         M/M Todd Thacker; Caroline Thacker

Thomas, Wally & Emily

Tyson, Dot & Shorty

Uwharrie Bank of Wadesboro for Preston Burns

Wadesboro Garden Club

Wallace, Becky for Kris Wallace

Watts,Betsy for Mr.& Mrs. Martin Swanson

Williamson, Frances Anne & Steve

Willingham,Nancy for Estelle &Charlie Shelton

Witherspoon, John & June

Wolfe, Barbara Jarman for Bill Jarman, JR